Jesus and Muhammed

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Islam Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Jesus and Muhammad

To compare the lives of Jesus and Muhammad is quite interesting as many aspects of their lives are similar regarding perspective of the nature of God. In contrast the two men began under different circumstances. Muhammad was born of a mortal man and woman and Jesus’ father is the living God and a mortal mother. Another interesting fact is that Muhammad was married and Jesus was never married. These are just a few simple facts, Jesus and Muhammad were two very different men who taught of, loved and worshipped the same God, and impacted their religions greatly.             The history of Jesus’ life is well known to almost everyone, not just Christians and Jews. There are movies, pictures, and other forms depicting his life. One may begin with the famous of story of the birth of Jesus, whose name means “God saves”, as it is written in the book of Luke. Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph. Although Joseph was not Jesus’ biological father Joseph and Mary were forewarned about the birth of Jesus. The birth of Jesus was foretold in the Bible in many of the books of the Old Testament. Jesus was born the Savior, in essence, knowing the reason why He was born and the outcome of His life. Jesus was born to die to save mankind. As Jesus grew older, he grew closer to his father, God, and at the age of thirty, was baptized by John the Baptist, who was also Jesus’ cousin. From birth, Jesus was the Messiah, and the act of being baptized was his statement to all men, that he was dedicated to God. Jesus never flaunted the fact that He was the son of God. In fact, He did just the opposite by being a very humble man. He compared Himself to a Sheppard.             Throughout the course of his ministry, Jesus performed many documented miracles such as feeding the masses with just a few loaves of bread and a few fish, healing the sick, walking on water, calming storms by lifting his hands, expelling demons, and the resurrecting of the dead. The...
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