Jesus and Muhammad: (the Comparative Character).

Topics: Islam, Jesus, Muhammad Pages: 5 (1931 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Mustapha J. Gidado
Pavel Ushakov
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JESUS AND MUHAMMAD: (The comparative character).
In the history of world, religion has always played a vital role in the lives of humans. Even in the olden ages, people used to worship idols and refer them as their gods. Religion has been a factor of the way through which people live, interact and perform so many activities. It is the key through which one grows and achieves his or her moral values depending on the type of religion. In regard to history and also the belief of so many people, these religions are taught or learned from the messenger (one who reveals the messages from God). There are so many religions practiced all over the world but Islam and Christianity has more dominance over the other religions like Buddhism, Judaism etc. even though some of them evolved from them. These two religions have so many things in common between them and they are revealed by two different persons or rather, the two most influential people the world has ever witnessed. This document talks about the comparison attributes between Prophet Muhammad and Jesus as well as their religions Islam and Christianity respectively. According to both of them Jesus and Muhammad, they worship the same God and they are conveying message from this God to the people. Phipps has described the beginning of the situations where Islam and Christianity started having different beliefs and disbeliefs. He said, “Islam regarded Qur’an as God’s inlibraration, that is, as the divide world becoming a book, Christians regarded Jesus as God’s incarnation, that is, the divine world becoming flesh and blood person.” (Phipps 01) This is when the followers of these religions started disagreeing to one another. There is a great respect that exist between these two people, in Islam Jesus is regarded in the highest office of human both an-nabi and rasul. (Phipps 2) There are many similarities and differences that exist between Muhammad and Jesus. Such similarities are the worshipping of one God, both have moral values, they are the highest level of human beings in their respective religions and there are also many differences between them, but it surrounds mainly on Jesus. Among these differences are the differences in characters, claims, credentials, messages and some complicated reasons that would be discussed later in this document. (Brandt and Kole) Under normal circumstances, you will see that no leader would have followers if he or she did not have moral values or show examples. We should not bring about Tutankhamen, Hitler, Idi Amin or some of the leaders that showed power during their time. Here, we are talking about those who used their own self as examples and try to convince people to follow them and what they worship. According to my understanding, this is the major reason why they have such a huge number of followers and that is why they are very similar in these situations. Some of the biggest similarities based on their religions include the worshipping of one God, believe in angels, and believe in the Day of Judgment and that the God is sovereign. (Jackson) From the similarities above, both Muhammad and Jesus believe that only one God exists, he (this one GOD) rules over history and time, angels also exist; they have prophets in their respective religions and also the day after death which is the day of resurrection and judgment. As to their respective believes, their religions determine their comparison. The difference in them is the center of interest to us because there are many sources that agree to one thing and other defy or neglect what others say. First of all, there is this disagreement about the identity of Jesus as “GOD” in Islam. In Bible (John 1:1 and 14), it is described that Jesus was once a GOD before he, himself became a human being; while Islam, described Jesus in the Qur’an (An-nisa 4:172) as a servant and also a messenger of GOD. (Jackson) Another major...
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