Jesus and Muhammad

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Jesus and Muhammad
Throughout history many religions have originated. Some of them are philosophical and others are more spiritual. Tales have been told and scriptures have been written. Religion has been connected to great men all through history. Of all the written accounts, two men seem to stand out more than any others. They are Jesus and Muhammad. They were both influential spiritual leaders. Jesus is associated with the Christian religion while Muhammad is of the Islamic faith.

The two religions share many things in common as do the two men. Both religions are monotheistic. Each man shares a strong belief and connection to the one and only one God, or Creator. The commonalities the two men and religions share are many but so are their differences.

Muhammad never knew his father. His father died before he was born. After the death of his mother Muhammad lived with his uncle. At a young age Muhammad was identified by a Christian monk as a prophet (Fisher, 2005). He married when he was 25 and at the age of 40 made a spiritual retreat where he was visited by the angel Gabriel. He returned from the retreat shaken and unsure how to continue his teachings. He was confused about his new found responsibilities and concerned he would face ridicule over being a prophet (Fisher, 2005). A few years after the encounter with Gabriel Muhammad began preaching publicly.

Muhammad was not accepted as a prophet by all. He was persecuted throughout Mecca. He secretly fled Mecca with his followers. He lived in a cave in Yathrib, later called Medina. He went to this new city to help with political and social situations (Fisher, 2005). The acceptance of Muhammad as a prophet finally came when Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina in 622CE (Fisher, 2005). The leaders of Mecca believed the migration to Medina was one of hostility. This marked the beginning of conflict between the two cities (Fisher, 2005).

After years of fighting, Muhammad returned to Mecca. His return...
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