Jesus and Mohammed Paper

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  • Published : September 2, 2010
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Jesus and Mohammed Paper
By Paula Mckenney
Axia College of University of Phoenix

This comparison of Jesus and Mohammed and the chart will show the difference between the both of them. It will also show the difference between the way they lived, who had the greater authority, teaching and the miracles they had for the people whom they lived with. It will also show how they got along with and who had the greatest power between the both of them. The differences between the both of them were like night and day. I will prove the comparison of the impact of each person had on his respective religion. It will also describe the ways each individual was or is worshiped. It show their messages are being carried out in the world today. So, as you read on you will see the difference between them and all they had done.

Here is the chart that will show the different lives they have led.
Death| Jesus died and rose from the dead| Muhammad dies and stayed dead.| Hearing from God| Jesus went to the desert to be tempted and began his ministry| Muhammad heard God(supposedly through n angel) he cowered, was uncertain, and wanted to commit suicide| Identity| Jesus claimed to be the way of life| Muhammad claimed to be a man| Killing| Jesus never killed any one| Muhammad killed many| Life| Jesus had the power to take life, but never did. Jesus restored it| Many people died in Muhammad presence, he killed them| Marriage| Jesus never married any one| Huhammad had over 20 wifes even a nine year old| Ministry| Jesus received his calling from God directly| Muhammad allegedly received it from and angel(Gabriel)| Miracles| Jesus has performed many miracles including healing people, claming a storm with command, and raising people from the dead.| Muhammad only alleged miracle was the Quran|

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Jesus is worshiped through a lot of...
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