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Since all governments are either republics or principalities, Machiavelli noted, their people will be accustomed either to managing their own affairs or to accepting the leadership of a prince. (For that reason, the safest princes are those who inherit their rule over people used to the family.) A wise leader, however, will be able to assume problems long before they actually arise, using virtù to forestall what would otherwise be great difficulties. Whatever vitality a former republic may have, then, Machiavelli counselled that it either be destroyed or ruled carefully by a resident prince.

Machiavellis insistence on the practicality of his political advice is most evident in his consideration of the personality, character, and hereditary principalities, which are inherited by the ruler. No matter what idealistic notions are adopted as principles of private morality, he argued, there is no guarantee that other people will follow them, and that puts the honorable or virtuous individual at a distinct disadvantage in the real world. In order to achieve success in public life, the ruler must know precisely when and how to do what no good person would ever do. machiavelli also advice about Mixed principalities, territories that are annexed to the ruler's existing territories new principalities, which may be acquired by several methods: by one's own power, by the power of others, by criminal acts or extreme cruelty, or by the will of the people, ecclesiastical principalities, namely the Papal States belonging to the Catholic church

Machiavelli recommends the following character and behavior for princes. It is better to be stingy than generous. cruel than merciful. why you ask becuase it would show power and strenghtn. It is better to break promises if keeping them would be against one's interests. show that you are in charge and you can do what you want even though it makes you unloyal you aare king. Princes must avoid making themselves hated and...
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