Jessica Lall vs. Corruption

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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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Jessica Lall vs. Corruption

The Jessica Lall case, one murder in which there were over 300 high profile witnesses, an open and shut murder case took 11 years to reach to a solution. With this case people have taken a step forward against the corruption and injustice happening in India. Jessica Lall case has proved the amount of unity that exists in India. In almost every state of India the public and media stood up against the politicians to give justice to Jessica Lall, a person they didn’t know. It has been 10 years of constant struggle for Sabrina Lall, Jessica Lall’s sister, who has been through an emotional battle with herself. I truly respect Sabrina Lall because in today’s society where blood relations are treated as nothing more than just a genetic bond, it is encouraging to see someone like her; who practically gave up so many years of her youth, all in an effort to bring her sister’s murderer punished and put behind bars. Due to the amount of corruption existing in India and the political influence that some people take advantage of, it took 11 years to the judicial system to solve Jessica Lall’s open and shut murder case; if the media hadn’t stepped in to fight against corruption, Jessica Lall wouldn’t have gotten justice (No one killed Jessica). In the article “Indian Politician Proved Guilty of Model’s Murder” Stoat stated that Jessica Lall was a struggling model and an aspiring television presenter based in Delhi, India. Jessica Lall was said to be an energetic and cheerful ordinary girl. She lived with her parents and her younger sister Sabrina, who worked in a travel agency. Jessica’s main focus was her modeling career for which she used to do part-time jobs in order to make contacts, such as serving as a barmaid in big parties. Jessica’s ambitions included getting married and settling down and opening her own restaurant. Before she got a chance to fulfill her ambitions, she was shot dead at the age of 34 on April 30, 1999. The murderer Manu Sharma was the son of Former Union Minister of Haryana, Venod Sharma. He was educated in Ajmer, India and later joined his family businesses. His family was well-known and had a lot of influence and power. Manu’s family members had political power, such as his dad and his uncle, who was the son-in-law of the ex-President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma. Manu Sharma also built a Piccadilly hotel chain and Blue Ice pub-cum discotheque. The night Jessica Lall was killed; she was working as a celebrity barmaid at Tamarind Court Café, in Qutub Area of South Delhi. Bina Ramani, owner of Tamarind Court Cafe, organized this farewell party for her husband. Over three hundred famous people were present in this party. While the restaurant did not have license to serve liquor, there was liquor present in the party. Although they had liquor illegally during the party, it was not supposed to be served after 2 am. When, Jessica and her friends, including Bina Ramani’s daughter, stopped serving drinks there were four men who insisted on opening the bar. Manu Sharma, Alok Khanna, Amar Deep Singh, and Vikas Yadav tried to bribe Jessica and her friends to serve them drinks, which they rejected. After Jessica and her friend rejected to offer drinks, Manu Sharma, took out his gun to threaten them, pointing at Jesica Lall. Jessica insisted in not serving drinks as it was past 2 a.m. , due to this reason Manu Sharma shot Jessica Lall at the very spot and fled away with his other three friends. Witnesses of the murder refused to say anything concerning the case. It is a fact that there were more than 300 guests present at the site of murder, all refused to say anything to the police but 2 people. (Memories of gory killing of Jessica Lal) The movie “No One Killed Jessica” displayed that each of the key witnesses was bribed. With this we can infer that Venod Sharma, father of Manu Sharma, did not leave any way for Sabrina Lall to prove that Manu Sharma was guilty. According to Shyan Munshi...
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