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Jessica Williams
December 4, 2012
Period 4
Dear Mom and Dad,
The countdown to Christmas has begun and it’ll be here in a flash along with my birthday. This year I am really hoping for a tablet. I know that I already have a laptop, but a tablet will make researching things for school much simpler and has the potential to help us all, me with my homework and you, because you may find that my grades improve. There are three different types of tablets I have researched in hopes to persuade you, they are; an Ipad mini, a Nexus 7, and a Kindle Fire HD. They all, basically, do the same things, but some a little better and some a little more.

Beginning with the make it or break it, prices vary substantially between the three. An Ipad mini starts at 16 GB, which is nonexpendable, for $329 yet you get what you pay for. The Ipad mini has a larger screen and better camera (Source 1). Next, is the Nexus 7 which for 32 GB, twice as many as the Ipad mini yet for $249 (Source 2). With this evidence you’d think that this is obviously a steal in comparison and I would agree. Lastly, is the Kindle Fire HD is the same price as the Nexus 7, both great prices for great products (Source 3).

As I mentioned before the Ipad mini takes the cake with the camera, having a 5 MP rear facing and a 1.2 MP front facing. The Nexus 7 comes in second with a 1.2 MP front facing camera and in last is the Kindle Fire HD having a 720p front facing camera. Who takes pictures with their tablets anyways?

In the end even though the Kindle Fire HD did not win in comparison in the others, I think it’d be a great beginner tablet in the sense that it has it all. Plus, for educational purposes, the Kindle is originally known as a reader tablet. So, the aps and video are just an extra in an already in a great product.

Well, as you two make decisions on what to get me for Christmas please take this into consideration.

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