Jersey Shore Analysis

Topics: Jersey Shore, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, MTV Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Since the first season of Jersey Shore it has become one of America’s most viewed television shows. Teens are going to local barbershops to get a blowout, to imitate Dj Pauly D’s hairstyle. Others mimicking Vinny’s signature dance move “The Fist Pump.” However, even though the influence of Jersey Shore doesn’t span most of the nation, it certainly has influence among teens and young adults. The Jersey Shore has some negative influences such as the way sex is portrayed, binge drinking, and materialism. Despite all of the negative influences in the Jersey Shore, there are also good traits for teens and young adults to pick up on such as loyalty, family importance and comradery among the group that is actually quite admirable. The Jersey Shore is a popular MTV reality television series that features seven New Jersey natives whose favorite past times include tanning, working out, and clubbing. The cast members include Jenni (JWoww), Nicole (Snooki), Vinny, Sammi, Mike (The Situation), Pauly and Ronny. According to MTV all cast member were selected at random. In the first season the cast members meet for the first time in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Other seasons have the cast go to Italy and Florida. The opening credits alone are filled with profanity, loud house party music and a quote from JWoww - “After I have sex with a guy, I will rip their heads off.” Teens and young adults look up to these seven individuals because their lives are portrayed as interesting and “living the life.” Every episode of The Jersey Shore has a scene where one of the cast members is partaking in sexual activity. There’s nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse as long as the proper precautions are taken. In none of the episodes have the cast members talked about using condoms, birth control, or sexual transmitted diseases. Instead the guys are out looking for DTF girls. DTF is their slang word for “Down to ****” you can probably guess the rest. The cast has even assigned a room...
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