Jerry Springer's Effect on Pop Culture

Topics: Stereotype, The Jerry Springer Show, Television Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: October 29, 2012
American Gladiators

Imagine being in the ancient Roman era. Life then was a lot like American life. The Roman era was tainted with bloody battles, bibulous gatherings, and women; alike the modern day wrestling, NASCAR, and prostitutes in which can easily be accessed. Entertainment, during the Roman era, included gladiators fighting to the finish. While thousands crowded around to watch, the intensity builds up. Like the Romans, Americans now sit in front of a television set and watch shows that contain random people fighting, because someone "cheated" on them. One factor that relates the Roman and American way of entertainment are people being used to entertain the public. The morality of people from the Roman era relates to the morals Americans stand by today. Many people shown on these television shows seem poor and in need of counseling. By stereotypically placing “trashy” people on shows like "Jerry Springer", people are dehumanized and placed on television only for the sheer enjoyment, like the Romans did with gladiators.

Stereotypes like being “trashy” are used towards people, because it’s basically a word used to describe someone in a specific way. Today, stereotypes are used almost every day. By looking at a person it is easier to see what they look like, in contrast to whom the person really is. On the Jerry Springer show, most guests are poorly dressed, barely groomed, or dirty. This gives the audience the impression that the guests on the show are poor, therefore setting the “trashy” stereotype. Keeping the show “trashy” brings a lot of negative views for the lower-class Americans. Shows like “Jerry Springer” give the impression that only “trashy” people live lives like those that are on the show. This is very untrue. Although some people may look poor, they could still be living a life of luxury. Americans tend to be very materialistic, so many people are given stereotypes because of what they decide to look or dress like. By stereotyping...
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