Jerry Mcguire Ib Textual Analysis

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  • Published : April 8, 2011
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Film--Textual Analysis

Jerry Maguire is a mixture of sports film and romantic comedy. This film is produced in 1997 in the United State, directed by Cameron Crowe. The airport scene and few afterwards are about Jerry and Dorothy’s coincidental meet at the airport. However Jerry gets in trouble later in the film and is fired by the company he works at. Because of Dorothy’s admiration, she decides to accompany Jerry and leaves her job with him.

In the airport scene, Dorothy loses her son and somehow Jerry helps to look for her. The director’s intension of putting Dorothy’s son (Ray) in the scene with a middle shot may be creating a connection of the characters. Ray is probably the key who links the two main characters together, and by helping Dorothy, this may show Jerry’s thoughtful personality.

Another reason of them meeting may be that the director wants this scene to be the starting point of their relationship. The framing and the camera mechanisms show different effects on the characters. During Jerry and Dorothy’s conversations, there are some close ups on the actors. Middle shots are often used while filming each of the two actors, and this brings out the importance of them.

The parallel lines of the building’s interior seem to be colliding towards Dorothy while she is in the middle of the frame. This drags the audience’s focus on her while she is anxiously looking for her son. Dorothy’s costume in this scene is similar as the background of the airport, and may convey the unimportance her character at the start of the movie. On the other hand, Jerry wears a formal suit that high-lights his higher status inside the story. Somehow Ray has a similar costume as his, and this may again implies Ray having a relation with Jerry and bring Jerry and Dorothy together. There are full and close up shots of the three of them, with Ray in the middle and swinging. This emphasizes the indirect connection of Jerry and Dorothy, and also brings out the sense...
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