Jerry Mcguire

Topics: Sports agent, Jerry Maguire, Ethics Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: March 26, 2008
The film Jerry McGuire is a clever mix of comedy, romance and drama with several ethical issues and dilemmas in the underlying plot. When it comes to sports agents the only thought that comes to mind is more money. This attitude is reflected in all of Jerry’s co-workers in the movie. Jerry McGuire is the exception to this common thought. The company that he built is surrounded around the attitude of more money and more clients. Jerry spends a long night contemplating this attitude and decides he won’t stand for it anymore. Jerry writes a mission statement “The Things We Think But Don’t Say” and hands it to all his colleges at the conference he is attending. He is first greeted with applaud for his guts to speak the truth but doesn’t last long in the company, he is fired the following day. Starting a new business with just one accountant and two fish and one loyal client McGuire is able to start his life again and this time do it right. Jerry has to work hard for his income and this helps him to understand the hardships most business people have to endure in order to make a honest living. At the end of the film justice is done when Rod Tidwell pulls through for Jerry and gets the contract he worked so hard for.

Soon after the mission statement is released to all of the employees at the sports agent convention Jerry understands the reality of what he has done. The loyal client Jerry takes with him on this journey is Rod Tidwell, a football player who is trying to make it big. Tidwell’s character ends up being very important to Jerry’s career and his life. Jerry has his first chance to put his new theories in practice. After breaking up with his fiancée over the entire situation Jerry has lost everything from his previous life hit rock bottom and is ready to work his way back up to the top. The road to the top is a long and bumpy one but with only two people in his life to concentrate on he is able to form a bond with his client and with Dorothy his...
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