Jerome Bettis Speech

Topics: Super Bowl XL, Super Bowl XLIII, Super Bowl Pages: 3 (666 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Personal Experience Speech

Title: Road To Super Bowl 40
General Purpose: to share my personal experience
Specific Purpose: to share my personal experiences of watching “The Bus” win a Super Bowl Central Idea: I saw my idol finally win a Super Bowl, the year before he retired. I. Introduction

My Idol since I’ve been a little kid has always been Jerome Bettis, and since I’ve started watching him play I’ve been waiting for the year that he would finally take The Steelers to the Super Bowl.

II. Body

A) Super Bowl 39- Steelers lose to New England Patriots in AFC Championship

B) Jerome Bettis thinks about retiring
* Played 12 seasons, his career was winding down
* Bettis tells team he would love to play in Super Bowl 40 which was being held in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan the next year. * Ben Roethlisberger promises Bettis that if he returns one more year, he’ll get him to the Super Bowl

C) Bettis comes back and they make it to the Wildcard Game Vs. Bengals * Roethlisberger reveals to team that he promised Bettis a trip to the Super Bowl in order for him to come back this season

D) Divisional Playoff Game Vs. Indianapolis Colts
* 21-18 Steelers sacked Manning on his own 2 yard line for turnover on downs * Jerome Bettis hasn’t fumbled all season
* Jerome Bettis fumbles
* Recovered by Nick Harper and was heading down the field with our last line of defense as a quarterback * My stomach turned and then FINALLY Roethlisberger gets him down * We still have a chance to stop him

* 1 minute left in the game and our defense holds them and it’s fourth and 2 on our 28 yard line * They go for the kick to tie it up and ITS NO GOOD
* The bus is heading to the AFC Championship for one more stop before his Super Bowl in his Hometown.

E) AFC Championship Vs. Denver Broncos
* Bettis, who had never been to a Super Bowl in his storied career, delivered a rousing speech to...
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