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  • Published : May 1, 2006
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The Jergens Story
On April 5, 1882, Andrew Jergens Sr. and Charles H. Geilfus founded The Andrew Jergens Company in Cincinnati, OH. Known then as "The Jergens Soap Company" the original product was coconut oil soap, specially designed to perform in hard water. Over the years, the Company has developed into a leading competitor in the soap and cosmetics industry.

In 1901, Jergens expanded its business by purchasing the John H. Woodbury Company and the Robert Eastman Company. Woodbury sold its trademark and rights to a number of products including the highly popular "Woodbury Facial Soap". The Eastman Company had produced a small line of perfumes, creams, and lotions. One of the formulas was singled out as superior to any other lotion currently on the market. Originally sold as "Jergens Benzoin and Almond Lotion Compound", its name was shortened to "Jergens Lotion" and it grew to become the largest selling hand lotion in America. The Andrew Jergens Company was now a renowned name that represented quality in households across the nation.

During the 1920's, Jergens promoted its nationally famous Jergens Lotion to women across America. They utilized a combination of print, small retail, and the emerging "Five and Dimes" to tout the amazing benefits of Jergens Lotion. It became a daily beauty treatment for women everywhere. "With Lotions of Love" was the renowned sign-off line for Walter Winchell's regular NBC Sunday night radio broadcast proudly sponsored by Jergens. Walter Winchell's Journal, a kind of "tell all" gossip show done in a news style, launched on December 4, 1932 with the backing of The Andrew Jergens Company. It became widely popular due to its nationwide entertainment value and Winchell's opinionated charisma. Winchell and Jergens helped to create radio history well into the 1940's.

During and at the end of the World War II, women's beauty magazines and beauty products reached an all time high and Jergens was there to lead the way. Along with their famous Jergens Lotion they were creating other popular products as well. Jergens Face Cream and their New Jergens "Twin Make-up", a set of matching shades of face powder and "velvet" cake make-up, were equally becoming beauty staples for America's women.

In June of 1969, The Andrew Jergens Company began trading as a listed stock on the New York Stock Exchange. This success for the company was surrounded by the launch of many new, innovative products. Jergens broadened their product base with the 1957 launch of Dryad Roll-On Antiperspirant and Deodorant. In 1963, Jergens expanded their market by launching the Clear Complexion Bar. The medicated, acne-fighting soap appealed to a younger and different market than that of traditional Jergens products. Privately owned and operated by the Jergens family for 90 years, The Andrew Jergens Company was purchased by the American Brands Company in 1970. Under this leadership, Jergens continued to bring new products to the market. Throughout the 1970s, Jergens produced bubbling bath beads under the Jergens, Nature Scents, and Gentle Touch brands. Jergens launched Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific in 1974, a fragrance shampoo designed for frequent use that is still available in the Philippines today. Jergens launched their first liquid hand wash in 1980, which was enriched with Jergens lotion.

Jergens products have remained a beauty treatment necessity for women - and now men and women - across the world. Jergens products carry a tradition of quality and experience which people know, respect, and trust. Their quality and name brand has opened the international door for their products in many overseas markets. In 1988, Jergens was acquired by KAO Corporation, a highly creative, global Japanese manufacturer, marketer, and technology leader in the personal care and specialty-chemicals industries. Eventually, the Jergens flagship products led to a full line of...
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