Jeremy Bentham Influence on Future

Topics: Jeremy Bentham, Panopticon, Michel Foucault Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Essay on Jeremy Bentham’s influence
Jeremy Bentham was born in 1748 in London, England. He was a utilitarianist, which is the idea that the right judgment is the judgment that brings the most happiness. Also an Atheist, Bentham was seen as the person who popularized utilitarianism. Bentham believed we could quantify or measure pleasure. He helped found the London College, in which his body was embalmed and used as a reminder of himself, and wrote many books on utilitarianism and found the best way to influence a decision was through pamphleteering. He died in 1832 in England. Even though he died, Jeremy Bentham left a legacy behind him. His ideas are still relevant many years after his death. Jeremy Bentham’s ideas changed the political layout of governments, helped revolutionize prisons, and helped fuel the fight for human rights. Jeremy Bentham’s ideas changed the political layout of not only England but also America. Bentham in agreement with transparency said, “Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy ought never to be the system of a regular government.” (Living, philosophy Paragraph 2) Bentham advocated transparency to as many people as possible so that governments would make decisions in general interest. (Philanthropy web, paragraph 9) His views on transparency were seen as a change from the ways of the aristocratic rule. The aristocratic rule was a type of government. The aristocrats were the wealthy officials who made all the decisions. The citizens had no idea about the decisions being made and thus thee aristocrats could do anything they wanted. Bentham thought, “It is in vain to talk to the community without understanding the interest of the individual.” (Warburton, 122) He believed that the legal practice of England was corrupted. He mainly worked on plans for social reform. He carried out his campaign through pamphleteering. Two days after his death, parliament passed a reform bill. This reform bill changed aristocratic rule into majority rule....
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