Jensen Shoe

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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Case Analysis: Jensen Shoe

Jensen Shoe explains a situation between an employee (Lyndon Brooks) and his immediate supervisor (Jane Kravitz). Here, both parties came into a situation with different motivations and perceptions. Brooks felt that he was being demoted by being taken off the line management and this interfered with his plans of advancing within the company. While, Kravitz also wanted to be a successful manager and have her team complete their task at hand.

The initial working conditions started off well however, it took a turn for the worse once Brooks voiced his concern with his ability to complete both of his s.o.’s. This led to more discussions and they renegotiating how much work Brooks was to complete. By this time, both parties felt very differently about each other and were much less enthusiastic about their working relationship. It all boils down to each individual’s perceptions and motivations and how this shaped how each viewed the situation to be. ANALYSIS

Brook’s Standpoint
Brooks had previously worked with Kravitz before and thought she was reasonable. He was very optimistic in the beginning of this project because he wanted to prove himself and thought this would be a fresh start. However, once Brooks got assigned to the African American and Latino vertical markets his fears about his past management experience began to resurface. Since he had previously led his own team in this area and did not complete his s.o.’s, his feelings were that he was being set up for another failure. Also, this was an area in which he is not familiar with; he had the impression that he was being pigeon holed into a certain stereotype due to his race. In addition, it seems that his race as being an African American played a role in what type of projects he wanted to work in. He did not want to be limited to just the African American market and wanted to work on his own topic of choice.

Additionally, Brooks was...
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