Jennifer Lopez

Topics: Jennifer Lopez, Dance, Out of Sight Pages: 2 (861 words) Published: June 30, 2011
Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx in New York on July 24, 1970. She grew up in a loving Puerto Rican family. Her parents are David and Guadalupe. Jennifer Lopez was the middle of three daughters, her older sister is Leslie and her younger sister is Lynda. As a small child, Jennifer’s dream was to be an entertainer. At the age of five, her parents enrolled her in dance classes at a local Boys and Girls club. Some of the first dances she learned were jazz and ballet. Along with dance lessons, Jennifer took piano lessons, and she loved to sing. Jennifer was born to be a star. Jennifer had a childhood idol; she aspired to be like Rita Moreno who was an actress in Jennifer’s favorite movie “West Side Story.” In addition, as a preteen, Jennifer also admired Madonna for her pop music and flashiness. Jennifer believed in her dreams, and so did her parents; nevertheless, others in her neighborhood were not so positive. People would mock her goal of becoming a star, but she was out to prove them wrong. Her love for singing and dancing was still standing. All through Preston High School, Jennifer attended dance classes. At age of sixteen, she auditioned for a role in the film “My Little Girl.” Her role was small, but this helped her to consider a career in acting. She did not just experiment with acting, but with singing and dancing as well, she loved all three. After graduating high school in 1988, taking her father’s work ethic, she decided to study law at college. Since dancing was not just a hobby for Jennifer, but her passion, she continued her dance lessons even though her classes and job at law firm kept her busy. After one semester, she dropped out, which upset her parents. As a result of their differences, there was a lot of arguing; eventually, Jennifer moved out. Jennifer won a scholarship to a dance school in Manhattan; she landed several jobs dancing in small-time rap videos. She also took part in a Spanish dance company,...
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