Jennifer Lopez

Topics: Jennifer Lopez, United States, Sibling Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Famous Hispanic Report:
Jennifer Lopez

By: Bianca Ramos
Period 5
May 24, 2013

There are many famous Hispanic entertainers, but well known in the United States and around the world, Jennifer Lopez was born to be a singer. She is also a talented actor and dancer. Her fame grew when she was chosen to play the role of the famous Hispanic deceased singer, Selena Quintanilla in the biographical film, Selena. Jennifer is beautiful and known for her songs, dancing, movies, and even her figure. She is an American entertainer, producer, and businesswoman. Jennifer Lynn Muñiz Lopez was born July 24, 1969, she is currently 43 years of age. She grew up in The Bronx, New York with her Puerto Rican parents and two sisters. At the age of five, she took dancing and singing lessons. Lopez started acting her senior year of high school in a movie called My Little Girl. That’s when she realized she wanted to become a famous movie star. The Lopez family consisted of five family members including Jennifer Lopez. Her parents were Guadalupe Ramirez and David Lopez. Jennifer is the middle child; she has an elder sister and a younger sister. Her eldest sister’s name is Leslie and her younger sister’s name is Lynda Lopez. Jennifer Lopez had two divorces, but since 2004 she is currently married to singer/ songwriter, Marc Anthony. Together they had fraternal twins, Emme Anthony and Maximilian Anthony. Being a Hispanic woman, Jennifer Lopez has achieved and contributed a lot to society. She broke many racial barriers with her music, dance, and fashion. Jennifer Lopez is the first woman to have a #1 movie and album debut in the same week. According to the top-selling magazines, Forbes and People, she is the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood and the most influential Hispanic entertainer in the United States. Lopez contributed in many charities such as Amnesty International and Children Health Funds: Operation Assist. She teamed up with Amnesty International to...
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