Jennifer Hudson

Topics: American Idol, Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Jennifer Hudson's "I Got This" is a personal memoir of her life, from her early childhood to her current life. Jennifer talks about her journey to stardom including her challenges, tragedies, and her triumphs. Throughout the book Jennifer continuously talks about how her weight had kept her from getting the parts she would audition for. However, once she lost the weight many doors were open for her. She also gives high praises to Weightwatchers for helping her lose over 80 pounds. Jennifer Hudson made it clear that she was always comfortable with her body and only lost the weight so that she could be a healthy mother for her son. She did not lose the weight for anybody else but for herself and her son. This book was published in January 2012. Jennifer Hudson was born September 12, 1981, in the Englewood area of Chicago. She was the third child of her parents of her parents, Darnell Hudson Donnerson and Samuel Simpson. She was raised in a single parent home with her brother, Jason Hudson, and her sister, Julia Hudson, by her mother. As a little girl Jennifer was very small, so small that you could see her ribs through her shirts. Her mother took her to the doctor because she thought something was wrong with her. Being skinny was not common in the Hudson family. You see food was a central focus for the majority of all the Hudson family gatherings. Jennifer’s best friend and personal assistant is a gay guy named Walter. She met Walter in the sixth grade and they have been best friends ever since. The first time he heard her sing was in music class and from that day he has been her number one fan. Walter made it his personal goal to make Jennifer a star. During her high school years she would sing in different contests and talent shows all over Chicago that Walter would sign her up for; soon thereafter he began booking performances ranging from weddings to funerals for Jennifer. At one point she was in a singing group, with two other girls called Final Notice,...
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