Jennifer Government Essay

Topics: Personality psychology, Takeover, Revenge Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: January 22, 2008
Vengeance, retribution, vendetta, and settling a score. These are all synonyms of revenge which means retaliation against a person or group in response to a perceived wrongdoing. In the book Jennifer Government, written by Max Berry, the plot revolves around the idea of revenge. With five main characters, the book shows how the various characters lives are transformed and intertwined after the antagonist, John Nike begins his evil plan to get himself and Nike the company rich. During the story the characters carry and complete various vendettas they have against each other. As a result we see how revenge negatively affects the characters choices, relationships and personality.

Personalities are negatively affected by personal vendettas in various ways. Jennifer Government the protagonist is consumed by the idea of putting John Nike in jail. On pg. 48 she states that "This is about some asshole at Nike thinking he can build a career out of dead teenagers." John Nike had contracted murders on 14 teens. Another reason for wanting revenge on John was the fact he had left her after he found out she was pregnant. He did not want a kid nor did he want to settle down and leave his career. The unhealthy obsession with John set her priorities out of whack and thus her personality suffered. She lost her temper quickly to various people including her best friend, the therapist and even her daughter. Another example from the book is from the character Hack Nike is also affected negatively by his vendetta. After being used and then discarded by John Nike, Hack felt betrayed and as a result he decided to get his revenge on John by going after various corrupt businesses. Hack joined a small "terrorist group". Hack's personality is more aggressive and inconsiderate. Hack sends John a hostile where he states he will take companies head on. His hatred towards companies has blinded him and made short sided. He cannot see that by trying drawing bad public attention to companies...
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