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Topics: Telephone, Telephone call, Confectionery Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: December 15, 2011
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Mark could never imagine that this telephone call could change his life forever. “Whenever I think about what happened, I always think that it is a miracle that changed my life. It’s like my accidental destiny!” Mark said. Twenty years ago, when Mark was a twenty-five-year-old man, he was still living in a garret of one of the oldest building in New York City. He used to work as an effective worker of a small chocolate factory. He specialized in making the confectionery from chocolate and cocoa. He then quit his job because of his dissatisfaction with the treatment of the manager and the poor condition of working there. He was unemployed for the time being and lived on very little. However, he still continued carrying out experiments to find and create some new flavours of candy with the help of his closest friend Annie – a professor of chemistry in Boston University. They cooperated with each other in developing some flavours of the confectionery. Contrary to Mark’s expectation, it did not worked out as they were having many trouble with finding such an excellent flavor that could attract the producers. One day, as usual, Mark sat on his desk and started working. Ten days had passed but his research still went nowhere. Suddenly, an idea crossed his mind. He immediately stood up, ran to his “laboratory” – a large space near the corner of the room where he used to do experiments – and then spent a whole day in there. It was not until the nightfall that he stopped to find something to eat and right after that, he came back to work again. After many hours conducting experiments, he finally felt an incredible sense of relief. With a new research on his hands, Mark went towards the telephone and made a phone call to Annie. He hurriedly dialed her telephone. Mark was so excited that he spoke right after the receiver had picked the phone up. “Hi Ann! I know that it is very late now but I really want to tell you an important thing.” Mark went to the...
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