Jennie Finch

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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To be asked to be on the national team, to be one of best pitchers and batters in softball history, to be looked up to by every softball player in the world. This may seem impossible for most of us, even me. But for Jennie Finch, all she did was play the sport she loved. Jennie Finch started out young. She started playing the sport of softball as soon as she could. Her dad was the one to influence her and push her even as a child. She didn’t mind the pushing, she loved softball already. When Jennie was nine years old, she played for a national ten and under all-star team. She loved doing this every weekend, devoting her little self to this sport. Her dad soon became not only her dad, but her coach too. At age twelve, she led the California Cruisers to the twelve and under American Softball Association national title in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jennie still, even with all this softball training, had her own life. She loved to shop, try on her mom’s makeup, and hang out with her friends. During school, she was a good student and held on to that during her high school career. As her childhood moved on, so did softball. Each weekend, she was taken to a different part of country for a national tournament. In 1995, Jennie’s ASA team took home the fourteen and under crown. She loved winning, and she tried her hardest even as a fourteen year old. When she was fifteen, she started to think about her dreams as any other teenager would. She rooted for the USA softball team as it rolled to Olympic gold in Atlanta. Weeks later, when the USA softball team was traveling the country, she waited in the long line to get Dot Richardson’s autograph. She dreamed of being an Olympic Champ. She wanted to be just like the girls on the USA softball. Jennie Finch wanted to be swinging her own Jennie Finch bat when she grew up. Only God knew then that that was what really what was going to happen to her! As Jennie Finch moved into high school, she started her varsity softball team as a...
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