Jem Finch - to Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : November 7, 2007
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Jeremy Atticus Finch is a main character in, "To Kill a Mockingbird" but most readers know him as Jem. Jem is Atticus Finch's son and Jean Louise "Scout" Finch's brother. Jem is an athletic boy with an average build. He is nearly ten years old and is very brave and adventurous. (Lee 7) Jem's most noticeable trait is that he is very protective of his younger sister. Jem does whatever he can to comfort and help Scout. He is responsible enough to take care of Scout when they are alone. Jem has been educated on the dangerous possibilities of what happens when you eat food that you find. Scout finds gum in the Radley tree and Jem tells her, "Don't eat things you find." (Lee 33) Jem did not want her to be sick from eating foreign food. Jem is a responsible young man and Atticus knows this. When Ms. Maudie's house was on fire Atticus tells his son, "Take care of Scout, you hear?" (Lee 69) Jem tries to make sure Scout is always ok. When Ms. Maudie's house was burning, Scout became cold as a result of the winter weather. Jem noticed this and "[he] tried to keep [her] warm but his arm was not enough." (Lee 70) Jem is displayed as a protective young man. In conclusion, Jem will continue to grow as a person. At the beginning of the novel his is only 10 years old. This leaves him many years for growth and development as a human being. Even within the first few chapters you can see him grow more mature with each and every page. When Jem is older, he will continue to be very protective of Scout. This may be because Atticus is working a lot and Jem needs to serve as the father figure in Scout's life.
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