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I. About us
a) History of success
We have 3 clubs in Paris: Six-Seven, Le duplex and Pink Paradise that are well known. The CEO of these clubs is Meurea Arthur Jesudasan, who first bought the Six-Seven in 2004, thanks to its success in Paris. The next acquisition was the Pink paradise in 2010 it was a good strategic decision because in the following year we owned the Le duplex. These three clubs targets different kinds of customesr because of their concept.

The success of these clubs comes from our best management team. Christelle Segabiot, our technical & legal manager who studies the products and services offered to clients and analyses the norms. Giaqui Diep is our marketing manager who decides about price and studies the market and finally our financial manager-------- deals with the price, margin etc.

b) Six-Seven


Six-seven was started in October 2002 in Paris. The concept
of Six-Seven is a night club opens in the evening after the
working hours. That’s how the name Six-Seven designed.
We offer our customers a trendy and cozy atmosphere which
gives us as a chic and romantic image.
Six-Seven has been entirely and tastefully renovated to
create a unique and prestigious atmosphere where people can
eat, sip a cocktail and dance until dawn:
 Corporate hire: two-floor modular space can be
adapted to private hire according to customer
needs, during day and night, partially or entirely.
 Restaurant: capacity of sit-down dinner style with
60 seats and Stand-up buffet style / Cocktail for
120 persons
 Club: dancing reception can receive 800 persons,
sit-down dinner style can contain 110 seats and
stand-up buffet style / Cocktail can have 300

Night times in Six-Seven are heterogeneous which means we create a theme for each night and that has its own atmosphere. This special attention gives memorable evenings to all our clients.

We are also working with international artistes to satisfy our customer ’s expectation who comes from all parts of the world. In this way, we often received stars like Madcon (a Norwegian hip hop musical group), brick and lace (a Jamaican R&B musical duo), Kate DeLuna (is a Dominican American pop singer and dancer), Estelle (English R&B singer) , Nina sky (American musical duo) etc.,


Geographical location

Our geographical location is a plus point for the club because we are situate d in the main touristic place the “Champs Elysées” in Paris the world's most popular city destination for tourists and home for several thousand students. That’s how we have lot of tourists as clients and also our main targets are young people who like the trendy environment.

In addition to that the club is equipped with access for disabled people and an underground parking located at the beginning of the Pierre CHARRON street, offering you a safe exit right in front of the building.

c) Le duplex


Le duplex is a complex includes a
restaurant, 2 discotheques, 1
bowling with 15 pistes and 3
American billiards. We welcome all

kind of events like seminary, reception,
cocktail, product launch, festive evening
We have a diversity of customers who
are mostly students, business people
and families too.

However, the discotheque of Le duplex is especially targets the native and foreign students. That’s the reason we introduced several things to make each day dedicated to these youths:
 Monday: I love Monday
 Tuesday: Fiesta Erasmus
 Wednesday: the ladies fashion club
 Thursday: students fuck school
 Friday: DJ prestige
 Saturday: place to be
 Sunday: luxure


Geographical location
Le duplex is located in a cute place in
Paris. Some of the multinational
companies have their head offices in
Paris 16. For instance, PSA Peugeot,
PPR, Lafarge, Vélolia etc, Therefore, we
had the great idea to start our duplex
here to attract the business people as
our clients. Also there are more than 30
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