Jeffrey Dahmer: Raw Evil, Mass Murderer

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  • Published : November 16, 2005
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Jeffrey Dahmer – Raw Evil
What could possibly be the catalyst for someone to brutality murder 17 innocent beings? How can any human be so inhumane toward their fellow mankind? Jeffery Dahmer's mass murdering proves to be a case worth profiling in hopes to clarify some of the answers to the previous questions. Dahmer's life before his heinous actions give some insight into what might have been contributing factors to these killings.

Dahmer, unlike most family structures of murders, came from a home with both a mother and father. Although Dahmer came from what appeared to be a stable family he faced many obstacles, for instance, his mother suffered from high anxiety and was hospitalized at one point and from there on his parents' marriage began to fail. Dahmer was first born and was expected to maintain his parents' expectations. His father was a well educated chemical engineer which allowed them to live an upper – middle class lifestyle. Due to the success of his parents, they always encouraged Dahmer to get involved in his schooling; however Dahmer had his own bizarre interests.

At a young age Dahmer was intrigued with sex organs of road kill and often had obsessive thoughts of violence with sex. However, in school he was considered a class clown and was said to be very polite, respectful, and smart. As he continued his education he began to drink more often and he battled an addiction to alcohol. Dahmer often went to school drunk or would drink in class at a young age. One reason for his drinking might have been due to the fact that his parents had split and he was left to fend for himself. He was also fighting homosexual feelings and more and more sexual fantasies. At one point in time, Dahmer devised a plan to act out one of his violent sex fantasies. This abundance of intrigue in such violent matters was not a good path for Dahmer and resulted in him believing that he was in fact equal to the devil and all his evil.

Dahmer's unusually interests and...
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