Jeffersons America

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Shahrukh Khan
History 1301
Hamilton’s America
In 1788, Alexander Hamilton convinced New Yorkers to agree to ratify the U.S constitution and later became the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury. Being the Secretary of Treasury, there were disagreements and agreements from both sides of the political parties. In comes the one of the most chief rivalries in American politics Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. These historical figures were very much split on the idea of the structure and role of the government and also the vision for America. Alexander Hamilton’s vision of economic structure and a strong central government were more entertained by most of his colleagues in the congress and were critical to prosperity of the young United States. His plans to pay the national war debt and have the government assume states individual debt, impose high tariffs on imported goods, and create a national bank were best for Americas future. One reason that that high tariffs on alcohol, wine, coffee and tea is because that it would solidify the government’s right to tax the states. Alexander Hamilton and the viewpoints in which he believed in are reasons why he is Americas hero of the 1800s(excluding George Washington).

The first part of his financial program is very important because it is the beginning of economic growth in the United States. Establishing the new nation’s economic worth which goes along with creation of national debt was important because people need to trust their economy. Alexander Hamilton wanted to start the new nations on a solid foundation based on the fact that the country economic growth would happen. This idea was a good setting stone for America’s future because as funny as it may seem to cause debt, when you have debt and you can pay it off it, shows you have good capacity for growth later on. Alexander Hamilton wanted all the states to give their debt to the federal government to invest in their own things...
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