Jefferson Wears a Tie (English B Levels, Grade: a)

Topics: Short story, The Promotion Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Jefferson Wears a Tie
English B levels, Grade: A
Jefferson goes to work early and observes the graffiti on the walls in the town along his side with admiration. In the office, Jefferson is assigned a lot of work and is only given more as he becomes faster and more efficient at it. Despite enquiries of other positions, he had been given nothing but additional files and accounts to administrate. During the course of the story, Jefferson quickly grows tired of his unrewarded hard work, and as his enquiries are ignored, he seeks progression in his career using other methods. Past this point, after having taken notice of how his superiors act, Jefferson dresses more neatly and with more self-confidence, starts meeting in slightly later and doesn’t do any serious amount of work till after morning tea time. Eventually, as this proves to be of no help either, he builds up enough stress and frustration to meet up one morning in his pajamas, invites himself into his boss’s office and starts a conversation regarding his alleged promotion.

Jefferson dresses neatly and accordingly to his field of work, which consists of sitting in an office managing files and other administrative work. Jefferson takes his work seriously, doesn’t meet in late, and takes pride in his efficiency and skill at finishing his work quickly and precisely. He is, however, tired of his hard work not being appreciated fittingly, and craves a promotion as a sort of prize and validation. As the story progresses, Jefferson develops different personalities: Initially he cares a lot about his work and doesn’t socialize during work hours. He meets in early and uses his time solely in productive ways. Later in the story, Jefferson strategically becomes different to have himself noticed by his superiors. He socializes more and takes in more luxury during work hours, such as reading the news and relaxing with tea before he actually starts doing any work. Latest in the story, Jefferson’s frustration...
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