Jefferson vs Hamilton

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, United States, Alexander Hamilton Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Isaiah Salvador
Fr. Gareventa
25 November 2012
Jefferson v. Hamilton
The two great, influential leaders of the United States Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton helped shape the nation's government and economy during the Federalist era. Although they had different views on key issues their respective positions helped to create new and different ideas to help rule and govern America. During the Federalist Era ,the United States was undergoing a special change, Political parties began to form and the nation was weak. The Domestic political Division of Jefferson v. Hamilton helped create separation among the nation and therefore they had separate views on the financial system, the Constitution, and the French Revolution.

The Federalists and Republicans had a controversy about the Bank of the United States. Hamilton and the federalists wanted the bank to be a safe place to keep tax revenue for the government and this would serve to regulate other banks and provide low interests loans for the industrial classes. Jefferson and the Republicans opposed these views arguing that any tax system hurts the farming class, money lent to industrialists came from farming classes, and the establishment of the bank was clearly unconstitutional. In documents A and B,asserts the views of these men of the establishment of the bank of the United States. The outcome of this controversy would end when President Washington sides with Hamilton's idea of the National Bank. This would only be the beginning of the Federalist Era.

Another Argument that caused controversy between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans was the adoption of the Constitution. Documents D and E present the debates and arguments about the constitution.The Republicans opposed the adoption of the Constitution and the Federalists sided with the adoption of the Constitution. The Republicans felt that strong state governments needed to be set up focus on the middle and lower classes...
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