Jefferson and Paine Use of Rhetorical Appeals

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Jefferson and Paine use of Rhetorical Appeals
In The Declaration Of Independence and The American Crisis, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine use certain appeals to achieve their purposes which is to inform their intended audiences about the importance of the situations that they are expressing. These authors appeal to their audiences by using their own reasoning, personal experiences, presenting themselves as good characters, using facts, details, and emotional experiences as well. Thomas and Paine both try to be persuasive to their audiences and they do so by trying to attract the attention of the readers.

The main tools that Thomas Jefferson uses throughout The Declaration Of Independence is logic and reasoning. He attempts to reach out to the world as his audience by using religion to draw the attention of the religious people by describing how God intends for things to be and how things are supposed to be compared to the dictation of King George. Jefferson explains to the intended audience why the Declaration of Independence is so important and what it means. He considers the king to be such a tyrant and believes they owe him nothing. To get the reaction he desires from his audience, he presents himself in such a way and uses facts about the damage that the king of Great Britain is doing to the American people to be persuasive about not freedom, but to have what is deserved and for the people to no longer suffer.

Towards the middle of The Declaration Of Independence, Jefferson appeals to the emotions and values of his audience by describing to the readers how King George "ravaged the coasts" and "burned through towns" which negatively affected the people. He appeals to the audience this way so that his readers get a feeling as if they are experiencing the anger and annoyance themselves, just as the people of America are. Another way that Jefferson tries to appeal to his audience is by sharing with his audience experiences that he, as well as...
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