Jefferson's Public Policy

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Thomas Jefferson backed by the republican party was able to advance many key principles before the year 1800. The United States of America would not be what it is today without Jefferson’s switch from strict-constructionism to loose, and his change of opinion on trade with Europe and a strong central government. Although America would have resulted differently, not everyone of these ideas was converted into public policy.

Prior to 1800, Jefferson along with the republican party revealed the thought of a strict-constructionist. This was not translated into public policy when he was president. Jefferson was a strict-constructionist only before he became president. He wanted to get rid of all of Hamilton’s policies. For example, Jefferson didn’t want the national bank that Hamilton created. However, when Jefferson became President, he ended up expanding the national bank. In addition, Jefferson’s strict-constructionism wasn’t translated into public policy. When Jefferson bought Louisiana from Napoleon is what showed strict-constructionism wasn’t put into effect of public policy. The United States realized just how much of a bargain purchasing Louisiana was. Getting Louisiana meant doubling the amount of land that belonged to the United States. The only way Jefferson could accept this risky offer was through loose-constructionism. Therefore, strict-constructionism was not translated into public policy by Jefferson.

Jefferson was a known pacifist before 1800, he disliked having a huge military ready to fight whenever it was necessary. He thought a large standing army was harmful to the country’s citizens. Jefferson knew that the ruler would be able to use the army to take away the people’s rights. Jefferson feared that having large armies always armed and ready to go would only ensue with dictatorship. In addition, minimizing the size of the standing army would save the country a good amount of money. Therefore, Jefferson hoped a “peaceful coercion” with other...
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