Jeff Bezos, Amazon.Com's Founder

Topics: Jeff Bezos, Time, Term Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: March 31, 2013
In your opnion, what makes a great leader? Is it a person who leads with upright priority for his staff, never misses a moment to communicate with his team and always values the advice of others? Or is it a sharp-witted leader who focuses on profitability, knows how to corporate and is brilliant in maintaining a good relationship with every business partner? The two mentioned stereotype seem consistent in the business world nowadays; however, the America’s best leader is neither of them. Jeff Bezos, founder of the, the leader who was named one of the best in America, is a man of surprise who fears no failure and remains stubborn with his goals regardless of all the critics and misunderstanding the world has given him. For all those reasons, our groups has chosen him as our favortie leader to present about today. Jeff owns many charateristics to be a great leader, most prominent among which is his ability to be longterm-oriented ; in other words, he is a visionary leader. He did not mind the slow growth in the first 4 years of operation and quick-buck has never been one of his objectives. After 6 years of doing the business, the company finally made a profit and that was when Jeff Bezos said: “For the first four years of the company, we worked in relative obscurity. We always had lots of supporters and we always had lots of skeptics, and that's still the same today. It's just that the level of visibility is so much higher. If you look at the six years that we've been doing business, in exactly one of those six years we were not the underdog.” “Sometimes we measure things and see that in the short term they actually hurt sales, and we do it anyway.” Jeff was well aware that every company requires a long-term view and if a leader is going to take a long-term orientation, he has to be willing to stay heads down and ignore a wide array of critics, even well-meaning critics. Coworkers and chroniclers characterize Bezos as a visionary who on the surface is...
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