Jeff Bezos

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12th of May2012| MBA|
| Presented to: Dr. Margaret M. Hopkins
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[the Jeff bezos' leadership case study]|
Implementing the values he holds, his Emotional intelligence competencies, his use of the Mc. Clelland's theory of motivation, his vision and my personal thoughts of him as a leader. |

Jeff Bezos case study
Jeff Bezos, the leader, had a wide set of values that he obviously followed in all the different decisions he took. The clearest ones are that he is creative, ambitious, broad minded, adventurous, courageous, intellectual and helpful. He has been creative as he thought out of the box and used some statistics about the internet usage rate along with the idea that books isn't a thing that people would need to see and try before buying to mix them together and start the all new idea of selling books online, and thus started a small company based on a dream from his house and then shifted to an office. That was clear in the Harvard business review quoting "Given the attributes of the product and the structure of the supply chain, a no bricks retailer could clearly make it and make it big!”. Along with creativity came ambition and adventure where his ambition took him a step at a time into new opportunities of renting storage spaces, and allowing bidders to jump in, and compare their prices, which made it clear to customers that Amazon cares a lot about them and wants for them the best bid generating more customer loyalty and satisfaction. He was an intellect when he needed to be one as clear in the Fortune magazine interview saying " he concocted a business plan" meaning he wasn’t all dreamy without facing reality, he also cared about figures and plans to guarantee the idea's success. Helpfulness also came along the way mentioning in the New York state university interview that his parents are currently running the Bezos family foundation which is focused on education. Implementing the theory of McClelland on Bezos, he has definatly used the three attributes in his management and his leadership methods. Although primarily focused on the need of affiliation, as people for Bezos were clear to be the most important asset and edge he had upon competitors, whether people as employees or as costumers. His focus on people was obvious in the S team meetings once a month to come up with new ideas and study current ones, and getting away in a two day trip altogether to explore new ideas as mentioned in the Harvard business review page 2. Also, when addressed as "you" he always answers as "we or our" as also clear in the same review. He has been forming relationships himself with employees and customers by being humble and eager to learn and abiding by the rules even if he is the entrepreneur by doing the two day customer care training every year. The need for achievement is also quite clear amid all the reviews of how he takes a step at a time and encourages and motivate the employees to generate the results needed. His need for power was clear in his need to control all the decisions they took by "taking a million tiny steps and quickly learning from your missteps." (Fortune). He wanted to take small steps to be under control and be able to detect easily where the problem and the misstep where. Also mentioning " If you are following close enough, and the arena is slow moving enough, the fact that you are not the first down that path doesn't hurt you much." Shows that he is in control of new ideas and new opportunities are under his arm. One area where I believe that Bezos has shown such a great deal of skill is emotional intelligence. I believe he is quite talented with his EI competencies in the four areas of self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management. In the first quarter of self-awareness attributes as in the PowerPoint presentation of class 2 slide 142, I find that Bezos holds a great deal of...
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