Jeep Brand: A Synonym for Ruggedness

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Jeep Brand: A Synonym for Ruggedness
Yan Zhou

Abstract Currently, there has been advancement in examining the brand personality, in which a general large scale of the brand personality was widely introduced and used in the researches and studies. Some showed solicitude for the difference between the brand personality and human personality (Shank & Langmeyer 1994). Others focused on the brand personality in different situations and different types of product (Hosany 2006; Beldona & Wysong 2007). The core exploration of this report is about how Jeep brand conveys the personality as well as how the brand personality positively influences the production, despite the prior studies interest in brand personality. Keywords: brand personality∙ Jeep consumers ∙ four-wheel drive ∙ off-road vehicle

This report examines the brand personality of Jeep. During the main body, the report illustrates the concept of brand personality. Additionally, it identifies brand personality traits of Jeep. Likewise, several examples will be given to illustrate and prove the brand personality of Jeep. Finally, the benefits of the brand personality tend to be discussed.

Theoretical background
Brand personality: the concept
In marketing practice, researchers and explorers tend to define the brand personality of the product carefully and seriously. Brand personality refers to “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand” (Aaker 1997). Even though the human personality and the brand personality share the similar basic conception; these two terms are generally not the same to each other (Epstein 1997). However, the shaping of the brand personality should correspond with the potential consumers’ tendency. Specifically, individuals have their unique personality and they prefer to purchase the brand which has similar personality to them. An example of one of the most famous car brand-Jeep would be presented in the following text.

Practical implication...
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