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Today I will talk about my hometown which is Jeddah and I will talk briefly about its background information, popular and famous places and types of higher education.

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Jeddah is a huge city located on the coast of Red Sea in the western of Saudi Arabia. It is belonging to Mecca province. The population is over 3 million and its area about 1500 square kilometers. It is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city which is Riyadh. Its climate in summer is very hot with high humidity while the temperature is decreasing during the winter.

The most popular place in Jeddah is The Red Sea Corniche. It is divided by two Parts North and South. In north part there is King Fahd's Fountain which is the tallest Fountain in the world its high is 312 meters. In south part there is Jeddah Islamic Port which is the largest port in Red Sea. Also in Jeddah there is King Abdulaziz International Airport. It has three terminals which are domestic terminal, international terminal and hajj terminal.

There are several types of universities and colleges in Jeddah such as King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ( KAUST ), King Abdulaziz University ( KAU ) and College of Business Administration – CBA. ( KAUST ) provides PHD and master degrees. It has Engineering and Business College. The classes are mix between male and female. ( KAU ) provides master and bachelor degree in engineering , medicine and business colleges. ( CBA ) provides bachelor degree only in business major.

I would like to finish my essay by reminding you the three topics that I talked about which are general Info about Jeddah, popular and famous places and types of higher education.

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