Jebel Saber and the City of Taiz

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  • Published : December 23, 2011
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Jebel Saber
The city of Taiz (the capital of Taiz governorate) occupies the green peaks of Mt. Saber. Taiz had played an important role (luring the Islamic era. When Prophet Mohammed (MPBUH) appointed Moa’adh Bin jabal as ruler of Yemen, he sent him to Al janad where it was his headquarters. Al Janad is now a suburb of the city of Taiz. Taiz had been the political capital for the Rassulyids dynasty for more than two hundred years.

It is among the highest mountains in Yemen with an altitude of 3070 meters Many springs and streams run on its sides and the lights of its cliff-hung villages are mistaken for stars. An exciting road leads from Taiz to the top of the mountain. It is the most famous( and highest) hill in Taiz. Literally Jabal means mountain, and Saber is the Aloe Vera plant. You can eat well and cheaply in a café near the summit.

The road is filled with the activity of a living mountain 'female venders of fruits and roses, dressed in their traditional gowns that have no equal, tread the road with their ware in baskets balanced on top of their heads. Farmers and visitors in four-wheel drive vehicles vie for right of way with goats, sheep and cattle. The view of nature from Jebel Saber is unforgettable, set right in the heart of Yemen's most fertile region, a village surrounded by orchards, with a superb mosque and the ruins of an impressive palace.

Jebel Saber, above Taiz, presents the most easily accessible Juniper stands, most in private, beautiful agroforestry plots on an altitude of 2700-3000m. It was first mentioned by Botta in 1837. The view on Taiz and the landscape is worth the trip as well! From the road on the northern slope above Taiz you can see a lake north of Taiz. (Well, to be honest, it's not really a lake, it's a wastewater lagoon. But if you are an enthusiastic bird watcher, you might like to visit it. It hosts a lot of birds, some of them very rare, as the Bold Ibis. A similar place is the waste water lagoon North-East of...
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