Jeannine Burk

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Family Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Jeannine Burk.
Born: September, 15, 1939; Brussels, Belgium.

September of 1939 was when Adolf Hitler’s evil Nazi army, invaded Poland and the war was declared. It was the month Jeannine was born, with no knowing of what was going on with the government and Germany’s crude and cold army. In May, 1940, the Germans swept across Western Europe and Brussels was occupied for the second time of the century. Rumors constantly rose about the Jewish nation getting “rounded up” and that is when Jeannine’s father (Isaac Rasalowicz) made plans to hide Jeannine and Jeannine’s sister (Augusta) and brother (Max). Her sister was bed ridden at the time, which made a difficult transaction.

In 1942, Jeannine’s father boarded a train with her, to arrive at a Christian home on the outskirts of Brussels. As they arrived at their destination, the lady answered occupied by her two older daughters. This was the last time Jeannine saw her father and she kept hidden in the house for two years, without ever leaving (1942 – 1944). Being so young, Jeannine wanted to go outside and live a little, but because she was of Jewish decent, she could only play in the backyard. She did this alone as the two daughters were out of age range to properly enjoy any fun time with little Jeannine. She had to create imaginary friends and made little crafts, like handbags, out of newspaper clippings. Jeannine’s biggest fear was the Nazi army parading around the streets of Brussels. Jeannine stated, as you see them march on television, they used to march the exact same right outside of her hidden home. People had to keep their doors open and once this rule applied, Jeannine had to hide in the outhouse. It was a small structure made out of two by four plywood. As she hid, she used to peer through a crack that was created in the outhouse, and watch the world from there, while hiding in the outhouse Jeannine stumbled across a kitten that was oddly enough right outside the foot of the outhouse. This kept...
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