Jean de Florette Movie Review

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  • Published : November 24, 2011
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Anna Isabel LopezOct. 4, 2011
Movie ReviewFilm
Jean de Florette

Jean de Florette is a film that revolves on human interest especially to that of materialism that resulted to greed and envy. Beneath the main theme is the loyalty and unity of family even if the characters’ actions are immoral. Situations of Cesar and Jean were contrasting as Cesar portrayed a role of an antagonist. He had no family. Galinette enters the picture as Cesar’s nephew. He treated him as his son because he wanted him to inherit his farmland. He wanted the bloodline of the family Soubeyran to go on in their town. It is because of this that Cesar wanted Jean’s land so much. It is not for the money because in the beginning, it was already established that Cesar was rich. This can only be done by acquiring the land of Jean because it contained the spring that is the source of water. This is where their immoral schemes started. Cesar was instructing Galinette on how to play his cards when it comes to John. At first, Galinette befriends him then he gains John’s trust. Consequently, Galinette reports back to Cesar his findings. As the narrative moves forward, John couldn’t sustain his farmland anymore to the point that he would sell it to the Soubeyrans. Whereas in John’s situation, he has his wife and daughter with him even up to the hardest times when they had no water. They went through the hills together, eat meals together and when John was about to die, his wife and his daughter were at his bedside. I could say that it was straightforward because that it clearly shows the results of the blockage of the spring water done by the characters Cesar and Galinette. One irony was when Cesar sent a letter to Jean’s mother, Florette. The reply said that Florette died on the day that the letter has arrived. Another is that the fact that Jean’s family including him, his mother and his uncle died within a really short period of time. Lastly, as Galinette and Jean’s...
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