Jealousy and Topic Sentence

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Intermediate 2 Critical Essay Plans – A View From The Bridge


Choose a play which deals with conflict within a family or a group of people. Describe the conflict and explain what effects the conflict has on the characters and the events of the play.


- Author and title
- Summary
- In this essay I am going to examine how Eddie’s inner conflict over his growing incestuous feelings for his niece Catherine cause a wider conflict within his family.

Paragraph 1
Topic sentence
- From the beginning of the play Eddie is dealing with an inner turmoil caused by the ambiguity of his feelings for Catherine. Discussion of text
• Set the scene of seeming domestic harmony
• Family scene between Catherine, Beatrice and Eddie • Eddie returning from work
Quote and Analysis
- Miller uses stage direction to subvert the seemingly domestic harmony. Eddie’s reaction and behaviour towards Catherine act as subtle clues to his growing feelings for her. ‘Listen, you been givin’ me the willies the way you walk down the street, I mean it.’ - Eddie’s reaction is stronger than the reaction of a protective father figure - Because of the way he feels about her he presumes everyone else is can see it too - Miller is building tension by creating ambiguity around the relationship between Catherine and Eddie and foreshadowing the action to follow Conclusion

- At the beginning of the play Eddie has some control over his inner conflict. As the play progresses he loses control and this causes a more visible conflict within the family.

Paragraph 2
Topic sentence
- Eddie’s internal conflict starts to surface when the cousins arrive. This acts as a catalyst, creating further conflict in the wider family. Discussion of text
• Catherine and Rodolfo’s developing relationship • Eddie’s reaction to it – 1st visit to Alfieri to try and stop the relationship before it starts • Eddie’s outward displays of jealously towards Rodolfo • Eddie’s attempts to emasculate Rodolfo

Quote and Analysis
‘I take the blankets off my bed for him, and he takes and puts his dirty, filthy hands on her like a goddam thief.’’ - Eddie thinks he owns Catherine. He treats her like a possession - Eddie is causing conflict between himself, Beatrice, Catherine, Marco and Rodolfo by his actions and reactions - Examples of this:

• Catherine’s growing independence
• Marco and Rodolfo’s awareness of Eddie’s ever strange behaviour • Beatrice and Eddie’s relationship disintegrating Conclusion
- All the characters in the play are becoming wary of Eddie and his behaviour. He jealous and possessive love is causing conflict between all the characters. However, he is still blind to the conflict believing his reaction is valid.

Paragraph 3
Topic sentence
- As the play progresses the conflict within the family grows and deepens and ultimately causes the tragic ending of the play Discussion of text
• Eddie takes the decision to phone immigration and report the cousins • This action will cause conflict within the family and the community • Ultimately end in Eddie’s death as the conflict becomes physical Quote and Analysis

‘Wipin’ the neighbourhood with my name like a dirty rag.’ - Eddie’s conflict with Rodolfo and Marco
- Eddie’s metaphorical death within the community – name and reputation. His conflict with his beliefs. - Eddie’s literal death
- The conflict within the family
- Eddie’s inner conflict has lead to a conflict within the family and the community that has resulted in his death

Overall Conclusion

- Sum up all the points you have made
- LINK back to the question (both parts)
o Inner conflict leading to conflict within the family o Eddie’s actions are directly responsible for the conflict in the play

- Personal opinion

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