Jealousy and Iago

Topics: Othello, Jealousy, Emotion Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 19, 2011
How does the director use the following six filmic elements to convey a sexual view of the Othello-Iago-Desdemona relationship?

Oliver Parker uses a range of elements in Othello to convey a sexual view on Othello, Iago and Desdemona’s relationship in the very important armoury scene. Parker uses the positioning of characters and camera angles to show the emotions and insights of what the characters are feeling. The actor’s use of facial expressions and body language also show how the characters feel towards each other. Parker also uses the important element of lighting and shading to give the characters a particular affect. Shakespearean lines are used throughout this scene which have strong meanings and make the audience think about how both the Othello and Iago are feeling. These techniques add detail to the movie and allows the audience to see the movie how Parker wants it to be seen. In this scene Parker’s positioning and camera angle, show how Othello and Iago are feeling. At the start of the scene Parker uses wider camera shots which include both characters full bodies. This give the audience the impression that what they are talking about is very open. However towards the end of the scene we see Parker use close up shots on both Othello and Iago. These moments appear to be quite intense with both characters whispering to each other with urgency. This gives the audience the impression that this is a very important conversation and cannot be heard by anyone else. The body language and facial expressions help the audience see how Othello and Iago feel throughout this important scene. In some cases the body language speaks more then what is being said. Kenneth Brown plays Iago very well by using his facial expressions and body language to help act his part. When Iago plays with his words to persuade Othello about Desdemona committing ‘adultery,’ his eyes show a ‘hidden truth.’ Only the audience is able to see this as Iago is known as an ‘honest’ man by...
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