Jda and Toshiba

Topics: Supply chain management, Real-time computing, Logistics Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Visit JDA’s Web site (www.jda.com) and learn more about some of the other companies using its supply chain software. Pick one of these companies, and then answer the following questions. Toshiba

1. What problems did the company need to address with JDA’s software? A. To maintain its position as a global industry leader, Toshiba Semiconductor Company implemented JDA's supplier relationship management solution to create, execute and sustain global sourcing strategies by leveraging real-time information via the Internet.  Toshiba had a limited ability to obtain real-time information on a global operational basis and would hinder the company’s success if the issue was not addressed. Before JDA, purchasing employees were buying products only locally, and there was no sharing of information among buyers or factories, or among factories and headquarters. Purchasing activities were being conducted separately because no common database existed.

2. Why did the company select JDA as its software vendor?
A. Toshiba was looking for a provider that would not only enable it to conduct the operations more efficiently, but which would also enable it to move in a new business direction. Toshiba needed to employ a Web interface with their customers and suppliers in all of their business processes. With that in place, Toshiba could operate on a real-time basis using accurate information, which is very important to them. In that sense, JDA’s technology was very fitting to their goals.

3. What were the gains that the company realized as a result of the software implementation? A. With JDA solutions, the speed of information-collecting and decision-making processes has increased. They can now send out RFQs to suppliers via the Internet, and get responses in virtually real time. The RFQ is sent out a second time, and Toshiba again gathers responses. Using all of that information, Toshiba can more strategically select a supplier. The information that Toshiba gathers is also...
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