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  • Published: April 9, 2013
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Strategic Aims and Objectives

In this document I am going to explain the objectives and the aims of both of the organisations that I have chosen. I am also going to explain how and why the businesses choose their aims and objectives and how these aims link to the purpose of both organisations, the first organisation that I am going to write about is JD Sports. The second organisation that I am going to write about is BroadBridge Heath Leisure Centre.

Organisation 1 – JD Sports

a) Strategic Aims and Objectives

The aims of JD Sports are:

• To increase staff retention
• Decrease carbon emissions
• Increase market share
• Increase customer base
• To break even

The objectives of JD Sports are:

• To increase staff retention by 15% by the beginning of 2009 by praising and giving staff bonuses for achieving set targets.

• Decrease carbon emissions by using more economical methods of delivery, use more environmentally friendly petrol or diesel vehicles, try and persuade people to visit the stores rather than buying from the website.

• To increase market shares by 30% by the year 2010, this will be achieved by building more stores and also by increasing their amount of sales in the financial year.

• To increase the customer base by 15% in six months, this will be achieved by again introducing more stores all over the country and maybe getting more new stock in and get stock with a wider variety.

• To break even by the end of the financial year, this will be achieved by increasing sales so that they are at the same level as the staff wages and distribution costs can be achieved by advertising the stores and their goods more.

b) How they are decided

The aims and objectives that JD sports choose are decided by the board of directors, these are the people that make the final decision in regards to what aims and objectives JD have to meet. The board of directors is made up of an Executive Chairman, Chief...
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