Jcpenny Research Proposal

Topics: Data analysis, Marketing research, Brand Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Table of Contents:
2.Purpose and Scope
3.Specific Objectives
4.Sample Design
5.Data Collection Procedures
6.Data Analysis Plan
8.Time Table
9.Associated Costs

Tentative Project Title:
Determining JCPenney’s Brand Image Within a Younger Consumer Market

JCPenney is an iconic American company that has been a one-stop shop for families for generations. The chain has grown by following customer traffic in anchor and suburban malls. As a large carrier of multiple brands, including celebrity lines, JCPenney adapts to constantly changing trends while providing its customers with unbeatable prices. As a leader in home goods and apparel, JCPenney has revolutionized American shopping. JCPenny is striving to maintain a grasp on the department store market through providing affordable styles and fashion to people of all ages.

Purpose and Scope
Ideally, the main objective of this research is to conduct conclusive research to verify insights about the current brand image of JCPenny. The final analysis should be able to assist JCP management in determining the image and perceptions of the age group (25-34). •Determine most appropriate market penetration technique to reach the market. ●Rationale

The rationale for the survey is to measure the younger consumer’s perception of JCPenney. ●Objectives
Help JCPenny to redirect their marketing efforts to attract more customers from age groups are under served.

Specific Objectives:
The purpose of the study is to:
oBetter understand JCPenny’s brand image in the desired consumer market (25-34 year old range). oDetermine levels of customer satisfaction in various departments of the store, such as apparel and home goods. oAnalyze the relevance of JCPenny’s price points from the consumers’ perspectives. oDetermine market potential of the target age range

oDetermine what is the most appropriate market penetration technique to reach the...
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