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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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JCPenney is store that has brought you its business for over 105 years. Just starting off as a young manager in another store James Cash Penney out bought the store owners and turned the store around with his different point of views where we today receive outstanding values and exemplary service. This store today includes many brands including: Sephora, Liz Claiborne Royal Velvet, Levi’s, Arizona Jeans, IZOD, Cosmopolitan, Levi, South Pole, Dockers, and Degree. JCPenney Company has apprehended the essentials that a corporation needs to endure competition in the market. Strengths

Some of the strengths of JCPenney are that their corporation has a long history because they have been around since 1907. This long sense of history has earned them brand recognition worldwide. Their establishment of locations nationwide has given customers with a square deal and popular brand names. One of their most important strengths is their location as a customer you look for convenience in the store in how close it is and their services but exclusively their prices, JCPenney pursues to lower their prices and have many sales included during the month. The convenience meets the customer satisfaction which results in the customer to return to the store. Weaknesses

A major weakness for JCPenney is that they have had in the past surplus inventory. The overflow in the items they had acquired had caused them to lose profits over just a couple of days and the spare stock wasn’t removed so because of this they weren’t able to meet the new fashion tendencies. This disaster also caused the company to not be able to obtain new goods since all their budget was used to buy the surplus inventory in the store. They lacked to obtain new fashion trend which cost them the ability to attract new customers. Causing customers to believe they had limited brands. Opportunities

JCPenney has some of the most experience management that has worked with other store competitors. They would...
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