Topics: Sociology, Norm, Heteronormativity Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Dinh Ai Chung
Socl 101
Every aspect of our daily lives is controlled by social norms and those who fail to understand them are considered to be minorities which must be looked down upon or rejected. For my experiment, I broke a social norm dealing with the dress and appearance. In our society, girls dress comfortably to go to the mall and go shopping such as a tank, a jean and they wear pretty sandals or colorful flip flops. I broke the folkway norm when I try to wear homecoming dress to the mall.

While at the mall, everyone stared on my appearance, somebody laugh at me when I went into Macy's. One lady looked at me, she stopped for a moment and shrugged off any thoughts and then she left. I felt everybody looked at me that I am a crazy girl with a weird dressing.

Some women laughed and told me that they knew I could never have such a terrible sense of fashion. After achieving the satisfaction they were looking for, the swarm of angry women left me alone and continued gossiping with other guests.

I went around Macy's about 30 minutes by myself. I realized that many people were uncomfortable and most of all, unsatisfied with my dressing. They were simply not pleased. When a lady had asked me why I was dressed so weird, I did not give her any solid answers before telling the truth. I simply stated that it was my choice and I felt like it.

Social norms are shared expectations about what kinds of behaviors are and are not acceptable. These are not actual rules because you cannot get in actual legal trouble for breaking them. However, breaking social norms can make people very uncomfortable and can mark me as weird and different.
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