Jazz the Bebop Revolution

Topics: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Jazz Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Chapter 18: The Bebop Revolution: Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie * Bebop is linked to Charlie Parker who presided at its beginning and during its rise to preeminence. During his lifetime the bebop style reached its highest level. * Bebop was developed by and for virtuosos.

* Theories explaining why: Instrumentalists were seeking improvisitaional freedoms that they couldn’t find in the big bands; black musicians were reasserring their supremact; jazz was maturing. * Bebop drew small audiences to after hours clubs, primary in NYC harlem. * It consisted of sophisticated chord structures, irregular melodies and flashing speed left uninitiated listeners befuddled.

The Bebop Style
* Produced 4 significant changes in musicians attitudes towards jazz and its performance. 1.) It is required a greater understanding of jazz theory and called for virtuoso technique. 2.) It introduced complex instrumental melodies and phrases to replace the simpler melodies of the big band era 3.) It introduced increasingly complicated chords and rythms to the rythms section 4.) It developed a cult of serious musicians who approached their music intellectually as well as emotionally.

* Jazz improvisation shifted from ornamenting an original melody to organizing new patterns of fast, active melodic lines. The patterns often ended up with an abrupt two note figure that suggested the word bebop of rebop. Bebop musicians developed theoretical relationships between distended chords and esoteric scales. Their theories justifies the use of notes that were previously considered too dissonant. These notes are called melodic extensions because they are not among the primary notes if the chords. Furthermore extensiions were added to chords by the pianist to add harmonic color.

New Melodies
* Within the new melodic patterns of bebop, imp. Notes usually the top notes of a melodic line were accented. * This outlined a slower melody...
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