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MUS 110 Short Answer Questions over JazzFall 2010Mai Nguyen

2. Explain why jazz would be considered the first truly American art form. Present two music compositions and discuss geographic location, famous proponent of the style and give at least two musical characteristics that define the style. Select from the following compositions:

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Armstrong)
In the Mood (Miller)
Ko-Ko (Ellington)
Koko (Parker)
So What (Davis)
Take Five (Brubeck)
Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)

Although Blues and European music influenced Jazz, Jazz would be considered the first truly American art form because it originated and developed in America. Jazz has a rich tradition, but it is brand new every night. Jazz always reflects American life, sad or happy, city or country, black or white, etc. People play Jazz to celebrate lives. Jazz has great impact on American people. This style of music is loved by so many people. Beginning from New Orleans in the early 20th century, Jazz spread throughout America (and the world). Each region developed its own style of Jazz differently. Now we have New Orleans Jazz, Chicago Jazz, Big Band Jazz, Bebop or Bob (East Coast) and Cool Jazz (West Coast). The two styles I will be talking about are Big Band Jazz and Cool Jazz (West Coast). Big Band Jazz was popular across the country, and people in big cities such as New York and Chicago came to nightclubs where Big Band Jazz was most brilliant. The piece ”In the mood” (Miller) reflects the characteristics of Big Band Jazz. First, it was played by a big band, typically consisted of up to 25 musicians and contained saxophones, trumpets, trombones, singers (or vocalists) and a rhythm section. Secondly, in contrast to other styles, in which the music was improvised, big band’s music is highly arranged or written out (except for the rhythm section). Trumpet, Trombone and Sax section were responsible for playing the melody in different fashion. Piano, bass Guitar...
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