Jazz Critique

Topics: Rhythm, Music, Syncopation Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Pablo Perez
MUL 2380

Night Time Jazz Band Critique
At this jazz concert the feeling one got as walking into the concert hall was that of a gut feeling that one knew it was going to be a relaxing show with relaxing music. This show was at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus and was taken place in room 6120 at eight at night.

This group doing the live show was presented as a group meaning that there was not a single person, which pretty much was the main act. For example, rock bands usually have the singer shown to be the “front man” but here the whole ensemble was presented together. There were several instruments such as the trumpet, alto saxophone, guitar, drums, bass, piano, and vibes. All of these instruments were playing the melody in perfect tune.

In song one they played called “Ich Will Dich Mit Fleiss Be Wahreu” the title seemed to show a meaning as if the song was trying to speak out a message due to the tone of the song. It was also confusing to give it a full meaning to the title since it was in another language. The sound of the music related to the title because the full song consisted of slow and rather steady beats. This song was full of long melodies, which are steady beats that are within the same sound. Since this was the introduction song, the volume of the song stayed at a steady low level. The second song “Techno-Pop” was more of a medium-tempo song. There were two solos within the song. There was a saxophone solo as well as a piano solo. The title of the song related to the music because it is the complete opposite as to the name of the song; there was a lot of noise. Throughout the song there were several complex rhythms since there were two solos. I heard a lot of notes within the solos such as the guitar solo and as well the piano solo. In song number three “Almost Like Being in Love” was a slow paced song. There were several changes in rhythm due to the fact that...
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