Jazz Concert Review

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  • Published : December 3, 2008
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Concert Review 1
Jazz Concert
The concert I attended stared two very talented African musicians, Lionel Loueke and Richard Bona. This was the first concert I had ever been to. I had never seen professional artists perform live before so seeing these two men that were well known in the jazz world was amazing. It was nothing like I expected, I thought the concert was just going to be regular old jazz songs, but the way these guys played it was like they were free styling the entire show.

The musician that really stood out to me was Lionel Loueke, he played the guitar and sang his songs and it was amazing. He was so into what he was playing and I really had never seen that before. Furthermore, the way he closed his eyes and played his guitar while singing made me feel like I was in Africa ready to dance in a tribe. I noticed that Loueke uses an electric guitar that produces many different kinds of sounds. In addition to the guitar sounds during this artists play he used a form of percussion as well as he used his mouth to make African sounds to go along with his music. In addition to Loueke’s guitar talent Richard Bona created a very deep feeling with his voice. The pitches and deep tones in his voice were very strong, giving the music a very intense feeling at times. The place where this concert was in was absolutely beautiful and behind the stage was a view of New York. The place was classy but at the same time you could basically speak freely during the performance because the music was so loud. During the concert I noticed something white on his guitar. After asking around I later learned that Loueke was using a piece of paper in between the strings for certain songs to silence the strings so he gets an even wider variety of sounds while playing. The jazz combo consisted of about four players with a couple guest appearances. Other than Lionel Loueke with the guitar, and Richard Bona with the bass, there was also another man with a bass and a drummer in the...
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