Jay Gatsbys Corruption of the American Dream

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Gatsby’s American Dream
In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby, lives out the American Dream by cheating, lying, and using his personal belongings to flaunt as trophies. Gatsby’s main goal is to have Daisy in his life and shows his financial worth in order to achieve this. The American Dream is thought to be freedom, equality, and opportunity. Jay Gatsby takes these ideals and modifies them to how he wants to live them. Gatsby is extremely flashy in his lifestyle just so people believe that he was born into a wealthy family and is part of the ‘old money’ community. In this novel, Jay Gatsby corrupts the American Dream because of his suspicious business activity, his cheating ways and instead of looking forward for new opportunities, pursues the past.

Jay Gatsby’s lifestyle does not reflect who he really is. He is trying to convince everybody into believing that he has been wealthy since childhood by living extravagantly. “Gatsby’s acts of rechristening himself symbolizes his desire to jettison his lower-class identity and recast himself as a wealthy man he envisions” (Jeshari 36). He creates a new lifestyle while erasing those memories. His links to skeptical characters and transactions makes his appeal more unrealistic. “He remains innocent in his single-minded pursuit of Daisy, despite his association with underworld characters and ill-begotten money” (Pavloski). Jay Gatsby has deceived everyone by practicing illegal activities to acquire his massive fortune.

Gatsby deceives others in an illegal manner to achieve success. His deception leads everyone to think that he is an honest man who has earned his wealth. He lies and cheats to achieve his goals. “Gatsby stands as a symbol for the American Dream of wealth and happiness, but a dream that has been corrupted by its adherence to false values” (Gillepsie). Gatsby is obsessed with being accepted by everyone so he lies about his past life. Gatsby recreates and renames himself, in order to present a successful...
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