Jay Gatsby “the American Dream”

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  • Published : March 26, 2009
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Jay Gatsby a man who had a plan to get what he wanted , but did he go to far? To some he was an animal, a criminal and just up to no good. To others he was following the American Dream, and in doing so he did what he had to do even if it made him look bad. I see Gatsby as a man who knows what he wants and does everything to get it wether it is right or wrong. In my opinion Gatsby accomplished the American Dream. Gatsby did have a bad side, but he also had his innocent child side.

“The American Dream” is to be successful and wealthy. Gatsby perused the dream with determination and no limits on how far he would go. Gatsby had a business that got him going although not a righteous one, it was to me better than being a bum on the street. Gatsby being a new rich person was a different life style to him from when he was growing up and was different than the old rich snobby people. He wasn’t born rich he had to earn his money and he did so by doing what ever it takes.

Gatsby was a person that kept to himself and let out what he needed to, to get by and get what he wanted. Gatsby did this with Nick to get to Daisy. Gatsby invited Nick Carraway over and treated him kindly, to get to his cousin Daisy. This to Gary J. Scimgeour is wrong and is part of the reason why Gatsby is such a bad person. Gatsby is a fraud in how he tells Nick and everyone how he got his money and what he does for a living. Gatsby is ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. Gatsby would say anything and do anything to get Daisy to come back to him. Such as inviting her and Tom Buchanan to his party and then taking her and running off into his house.

Jay Gatsby didn’t have a tight hold on reality. He was very care free and lived for him. The only other person that mattered to him was Daisy and that was only because he was deeply in love with her. Gatsby tried to make Tom look bad by telling Daisy to tell him she doesn’t love him and she never did.. Gatsby says what he said like he has...
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