Java vs .Net

Topics: .NET Framework, Java, Operating system Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Java vs .Net Architecture

Architecture is the main ingredient in building a successful system. Without architecture, a system would be impossible to build. Java and Microsoft .Net are the two largest programming environments in the world. In this paper, Java and .Net will be compared and contrasted.

First, some brief information about Microsoft .Net technology and Java must be conversed before comparisons can be made. .Net is a framework that offers a huge amount of advantages above other platforms. The .Net technology was created by Microsoft to compete with the competition that Java brought to the field. Java and .Net provides the same advantages along with neutrality of the languages. Java and .Net both contain object oriented APIs and an environment code that is managed where memory leaks and loose pointers do not happen.

The .Net framework uses common language runtime or CLR, which supplies a layer on top of the operating system. The CLR searches for metadata in order to make sure the correct method is called upon. Developers or language compilers can create metadata. The .Net framework also includes a base class library. This library is considered as a pre-built code for programming tasks that are low-level. The .Net technology allows users to build applications at a faster pace and use different tools in order to build the correct results with a smaller amount of work. Another wonderful thing about .Net is the ability to support many different programming languages even in other languages. A few good things about .Net class library are the wide range of characteristics such as an interface, connectivity of a database, data access, web development, numeric algorithms, cryptography, and communications for a network. .Net even supports Java interfaces. Another great advantage that .Net provides is the ability to provide its own security system that comes with two aspects; code access security and verification as well validation....
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